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Covid Safe Plan


Business Name: Gathering Light

Effective from: 6pm 12/01/22


This plan applies to all photoshoots whether in the home, in a commercial premise or outdoors and is subject to further WA government rules and guidelines.


Claire and her assistants are fully vaccinated and will provide vaccination proof for any confirmed shoot. They will continue to maintain their vaccine status.


To work with Gathering Light the client and all other people present at the shoot 16+ must be fully vaccinated, including booster shots, against Covid-19 unless a medical exemption applies. They must provide the Australian Government vaccination certificate to prove their status at least 24 hours prior to the shoot.


All participants ages 16+ are required to check in via the photographers QR code and the location QR code on the day.


1. Wear a face covering


A face mask will be worn by the photographer at all times from the point of meeting until departure. This applies in personal homes too as the photographer visits many personal homes each week and these are considered her place of work.


Unless a lawful exemption applies all other people present at the shoot 12+ must wear a well fitting mask from the point of meeting until departure. It must stay in place covering the nose and mouth. This also applies to personal homes for reasons stated.


Masks will be clean and dry. Cloth masks are washed daily and disposables will be discarded. If during the shoot a mask appears wet or dirty it will be replaced immediately.


2. Maintain Physical Distancing


All participants must maintain a distance of 1.5m from each other at all times. Including the client and photographer.


To facilitate this external monitors will be set up.


Please keep attendees at the shoot to a minimum and only include essential staff. This will help maintain physical distancing requirements.


Please do no touch equipment unless instructed to do so.  You may be required to take responsibility for your monitor so that physical distancing can be maintained.


3. Practice Good Hygiene


Please be vigilant about hand washing.


Employ good cough and sneeze hygiene by wearing a mask and coughing or sneezing into your elbow.


Props will be moved and arranged only by the client.


All equipment will be sanitised between photoshoots.


All breaks that involved eating or drinking will be taken outdoors in a well ventilated space. Or staggered if necessary.

4. Act Quickly if you are unwell or in contact with a confirmed Case


If you or anyone at the photoshoot location are unwell before the shoot please contact the photographer as soon as possible so that the shoot can be rescheduled.


If you or anyone at the photoshoot location have been asked to quarantine or you need to be tested/ are waiting test results please contact the photographer as soon as this applies to you so that your shoot can be rescheduled.


If a client comes into contact with a COVID-19 infected person they will notify the photographer immediately and reschedule their shoot after a negative test result has been achieved.


If the photographer comes into contact with a COVID-19 infected person Healthy WA will be notified and all contact details will be provided so appropriate steps can be taken for testing and quarantine. All shoots will be rescheduled, according to Government advice, when appropriate and safe to do so.


Thank you for working with Gathering Light to make sure we all do our bit to keep our clients, families and each other as safe as possible. Being a photographer means working in many different locations, with many different people often close and indoors. This puts the photographer at a greater risk and potentially her clients. To keep everyone safe and healthy so the photography can continue we appreciate you following the outlined requirements carefully.

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