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Music Room Blues

Interior and Architecture photography of a Hamptons style home with depth in Illuka Perth.

Anglea from Grey Peg interiors created this stand out home in Illuka Perth. This home has a moodier version of Hamptons, with one extra special jewel box room especially designed for the homeowner to play her baby grand piano. The dark blue music room, with built in blue cabinetry and blue grass cloth wall paper evokes all the feelings of a smoking room in an old blues club. Many an enjoyable night would be spent here quaffing your drink and enjoying music. The rest of the homeowners days are spent enjoying the bright Hamptons style kitchen and living area that is texturally layered with florals and natural and painted timber.  Bringing all the warmth to connect the spaces. Maturity and a sense of home exude from this beautifully designed home. It was a pleasure to photograph. 

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