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Portraits of Perth Interior Designer

Professional Photographic Portraits of Perth Interior Designer Kristie Hill, Location Roxby Lane

I've had the pleasure of photographing Kristie's colourful interior spaces for many years now but this was the first time we deliberately set out to take some portraits of her doing her interior designer thing. Kristie uses these sort of images all the time, not just on social media where they help 'put a face to the brand', she also uses them when she has speaking engagements or her voice is used in print articles. We were mindful to grab a few support images too, as they also have a myriad of uses, make your grid look good and help tell the story of Kristie the designer. Everyone should have a few portraits of themselves just on hand incase they need them. It doesn't have to be stuffy or boring we can make it look natural and part of your every day activities. 

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