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Wood Block Gum Nut Squares

Wood Block Gum Nut Squares

This wood block print of the beautifylly unique white square Tetragona gum nuts is the perfect all in one print. Printed directly onto a block a wood it is the epitome of vintage chic. The wood grain delicately shows through in just the right light allowing a natural texture to add even more interest to this piece.

The blocks are self supporting and have a natural frame. Perfect to go straight on a shelf or wall or maybe even a desk or bedside table.


This also makes them a great gift.


If you love white and bright but plenty of texture, or just love the beauty of tetragona gum nuts this is the print for you. Perfect for adding some interest to kitchen or subtly bringing in the slightest touch of sage to a neutral room, this versitle print will adapt to however you style it. 


The blocks measure 297x210mm (A4) and have a lovely thickness of 18mm which means they stand sturdily on any flat surface as well as having a lovely variegated timber tones when viewed from the side. Engraved with the artist mark on the back.All blocks are printed and ready to ship today. 

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