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New Australian Art Print - Beach Path

Introducing Beach Path, a new Australian Art Print by Claire McFerran

Art Print a white beach path flanked by golden and green grasses . Leading your imagination to the beach

The white beach path rose up and then disappeared, the anticipation of what lay on the other-side almost as beautiful as the reward.

Location: Kepa Kurl, Esperance, WA

This Fine Art Print is a limited edition of 30. Your print will come signed and numbered out of 30 with a certificate of authentication.

About Beach Path

Beach Path was created when I was on assignment in Esperance for Country Style. I had just photographed Christian and Allira Henderson's gorgeous blue coastal shack and Allira's amazing artwork. They and their family were taking me around Esperance to see all their favourite hidden local spots.

Which is by far my most favourite way to travel. With the locals is such a special way to visit a place.

As we bounced around dirt tracks in Bandy Creek, Christian telling me stories about how he fell in love with Esperance, we sailed past this beach path.

I gasped and exclaimed "Oh the light'.

Christian slammed on the breaks and said 'Do you want out?'

So grateful he was listening I jumped down from the four wheel drive and ran off in the direction of the track. They waited patiently as I snapped away. Capturing that feeling of anticipation that I think anyone who has grown up in a coastal town understands. We all know what these paths mean and even though you can't see it you can hear the waves and smell the salt. The sheer joy of expectation, knowing that just on the other side of the dune rise is the crystal blue water beckoning you to adventure.

This Australian fine artwork is neutral print of a Beach Path in Esperance and is perfect for a coastal home that doesn't want to be cliche. Or for anyone who just loves the beach and gets that exact feeling when a beach path lays in front of them. It works well in both a warm and cool toned interior. A sophisticated nod to ocean life.

Beach Path Art Print on a rattan console with coastal styling, including rustic jugs, pots. throws and books.,

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