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New Australian Art Print - Escape

Introducing Escape, a new Australian Art Print by Claire McFerran White Gum Tree

Remember that time?

When we escaped to gum tree forests and watched the sunset over the hood of the car.

And it felt like anything was possible as the road stretched out in-front of us. 

location: Ballardong - York, WA 

Escape is a fine art print of a White Gum Tree in a sunlit field. This photographic Art is captured by Claire McFerran of Gathering Light a proud Western Australian 

This Australian Fine Art Print is a limited edition of 30. Your print will come signed and numbered out of 30 with a certificate of authentication.

About Escape - A moment under the white gum tree

The road stretched endlessly through the undulating plains of Ballardong - York, Western Australia. I had just finished a job for Country Style and I  always love the wonderful places I get to experience while on assignment for them. As I drove home the golden fields glinted as the setting suns rays caught the stalks of wheat. I crested the next hill and was awestruck by a stand of majestic white gum trees on a distant rise, shimmering like sentinels in the late afternoon sun.

Excited, I decided to pull over at the next opportunity. Navigating my car onto a gravel shoulder, I crunched to a stop beside a beaten down barbed wire fence doing a half hearted job of keeping the sheep in their field. Stepping out onto the dry earth, I felt the warmth of the late summers day wrap around me.

The white gums stood tall and proud, their smooth trunks gleaming with patches of pale bark that glowed against the clear, sun bleached sky. Their branches swayed gently in the breeze, shifting the heat of the day away. I couldn't help but marvel at their grace and serenity amidst the otherwise rugged landscape.

Reaching for my camera, who had already had quite the work out that day, I began to frame the scene. Each click of the shutter felt like capturing a fleeting moment of beauty, preserving it for eternity. The play of light and shadow, the textures of the bark, and the subtle dance of leaves became my focus.

As I worked, time seemed to slow down. The world around me faded into the background, leaving only me and the white gums in a timeless embrace. The silence was broken only by the occasional rustle of leaves and the distant hum of insects going about their business.

Lost in the rhythm of photography, I suddenly became aware of a kangaroo bounding gracefully across the field nearby. It paused for a moment, as if acknowledging my presence, before disappearing into the golden sea of grass.

With a satisfied smile, I lowered my camera. I had captured the essence of this moment—the tranquility, the beauty, and the connection to the land. It was a reminder of why I love to travel through the Australian countryside, where every turn of the road could reveal a scene of breathtaking wonder.

As the sun dipped lower on the horizon, casting a warm glow over the landscape, I took a final look at the white gums. They stood tall and timeless, a symbol of resilience and strength against the backdrop of the vast Australian sky.

With a renewed sense of appreciation for the beauty around me, I climbed back into my car. The road beckoned once more, promising new adventures and discoveries beyond the horizon. But I knew that the memory of the white gums, captured in my photographs, would stay with me forever—a testament to the enduring allure of the Australian countryside.

Australian Art Print of a White Gum Tree in a bedroom with a eucalyptus inspired colour pallet. Interiors by Gus - Lifestyle Homewares

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