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New Australian Art Print - Back Beach

Introducing Back Beach, a new Australian Art Print by Claire McFerran

Art Print a white beach path flanked by golden and green grasses . Leading your imagination to the beach

It was their secret, a place to escape, to come and breathe. The salt in the air washing away their cares and the crash of the waves soothing their thoughts.

Location: Kepa Kurl, Esperance, WA

This Fine Art Print is a limited edition of 30. Your print will come signed and numbered out of 30 with a certificate of authentication.

About Back Beach

As I crested over the sand dune a deep sandy beach spread out in front of me. Its soil compact and squeaky but creamy cool as it was washed with the deepest of dark blue oceans. The wind whipped fresh but the sun shone warm, together they created the most delicious atmosphere.

In most of WA as you look out across the ocean the horizon is uninterrupted but not here in Esperance. The unique shape of its bays mean that the horizon holds detail, a unique and exciting sight. Appropriately named Kepa Kurl by the aboriginal people 'Kepa' translates to water and 'kurl' to boomerang. Kepa Kurl means 'where the waters lie like boomerangs' and refers to the shape of the two bays closest to the Esperance townsite.*

This Australian art print of Back Beach in Esperance is full of classic blue's and whites. A deeper sophisticated palette for a coastal home that wants a little more depth. It's a strong contrast scene with a lot of detail to absorb as you view. Something new to see each time it's looked at. A sophisticated nod to ocean life.

Beach Path Art Print on a rattan console with coastal styling, including rustic jugs, pots. throws and books.,

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* thanks to for it's important information on definitions and translations.

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