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Thoughtful Father's Day Gift Idea

So you're looking for a thoughtful Father's Day Gift Idea? Have you ever thought about gifting art?

An oak desk with Australian art by Claire McFerran of Gathering Light displayed. A suggestion of a thoughtful Fathers Day gift. The desk is also styled with glasses, a mug and a laptop.

Art can be such a meaningful gift especially if it's of a subject that means something to the both of you. I particularly like gifting landscapes of places that you've been together or places your Dad has loved over his life. Go on a family holiday to Denmark every year? Why not gift Dad a landscape print of Elephant Rocks? My woodblock print 'Boulder' is the perfect piece of art to sit on a desk, bedside table or bookshelf.

A shelf display on a black shelf featuring a Woodblock print of Boulder by Claire McFerran of Gathering Light. The shelf is black and also has leaning design books, a glass candle and some hand made ceramic vases.

You and Dad love the ocean? You've spent many happy a moment watching the waves crash and eating fish and chips? Have a look at my fine art print 'Spray'. Not only is it a moody black and white that would suit any interior it comes in prints and a woodblock finish depending on what you think Dad would like best. Can you imagine his face as he opens this precious memory you both share?

A thoughtful Fathers Day gift of a Woodblock Print by Claire McFerran of Gathering Light. The art is of a rocky ocean scene with spray from waves crashing. It is on an oak table and has another woodblock and a wrapped gift next to it..

My Woodblock art is my favourite gifting art. They come in a recyclable cardboard gift box. The woodblock is ready to go, they don't need framing and are self supporting. They aren't large so they don't need a lot of room to be displayed, a shelf, a desk, an occasional table, they are easy to hang on the wall or include in gallery wall with the use of 3M strips. They come in a variety of subjects and locations. To make them even more personal you could write on the back of the woodblock telling Dad just why you picked this special piece for him or just why you think he's great. It wouldn't damage it, it would just make it more meaningful.

A dyptich of two images. One is a white round bedside table styled with a thoughtful Father's Day gift of a woodblock print of Elephant Rocks by Claire McFerran of Gathering Light. It also has a creamy bedside lamp and neutral and black linens on the bed next to it. The second image is a collection of woodblock prints laid out on an oak table.

Hey I think I've just convinced myself what I'm getting Dad for fathers day. Dad if you're reading this look away! Actually, I may need to come up with another idea because lets be honest if this blog post gets only one view I can guarantee going to be my Dad! I love this idea so much he might just get one anyway! Love you Dad!

I recommend these thoughtful Father's Day gift idea's in the form of Woodblock Art Prints :

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