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Caring for your Prints

So you bought a print? Now you want to make sure you treat it right!

First THANK YOU!!! From all of my heart. I know small business people always say that we do a little dance when you buy from us but we honestly do. It really is the very best thing when you shop from small businesses and artists, you should see my smile when I hear that little ping from my emails telling me I have an order. Then I start dreaming about what home it might end up in and why you might have picked that print. Please feel free to tell me! I love hearing your stories. Or share with me on socials what you've done with it by tagging me here: Gathering Light instagram

Ok, onto caring for your print. If you have bought an unframed print it will arrive at your doorstep rolled. If you plan on having it professionally framed please leave it this way until you get it to your framers, they know how to care for your prints so they don't get damaged. I'm sure if you ask them, they will unroll it for you to check before you get it framed or to help you match framing.

If you are like me and you just HAVE to see it or you are framing it yourself then follow these steps to keep them as damage free as possible.

Follow these steps on how to care for your print and flatten a rolled print or art work.

  • First wash your hands, make sure they are free of daily oils and moisturisers. These will mark your paper. Or you can use cotton gloves if you have some.

  • Tidy, wipe and dry the surface you plan on rolling your print out onto.

A woman wiping a light oak table with a black and white linen cloth
  • Get yourself 4 heavy books, or 8 paperbacks (trust me this step is important).

A close collection of neutral and rustic interior design books held by a woman wearing a white shirt and jeans
  • Carefully peel the sticker or tape holding your print roll. Do not lean on the roll or use a knife it might slip and cut/scratch or dent your print.

hands showing how to carefully peel tape from a rolled art print
  • Using the protective paper carefully roll out your print.

Hands on a light oak table rolling out a rolled art print to make it sit flat
  • On the two corners closest to you place a couple of your books

the back of a rolled art print with heavy books in each corner to weigh it down and make it sit flat
  • Roll out the paper carefully and place the other books in the other corners it's best to do this on the reverse side so your print doesn't get scratched.

a deep red and pink art print with books resting on the borders to make it sit flat after being rolled.
  • However if your print rolls out face side up don't mess around trying to flip it, you might dent it. Instead use the white borders to place your books. Also, If you print is a very large print you may need a couple more books for other areas

How to make rolled art sit flat. Books weighing down a corner of rolled art that is pink and red in colour.
  • Leave your books like this over night and your paper will relax back to flat

  • If your print has been rolled for a long time it might need a little longer.

  • When moving your print around be careful to use the white borders to handle it.

I hope this helps when caring for your print. The print used in these images is my fine art print of Burringurrah (Mt Augustus) titled 'Rise'

You love it you can shop for it here:

If you have any questions about caring for your prints or artwork, or how to best flatten a rolled art print please ask away! I'm so happy to help.

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