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It's here! My blog about Western Australian Art, Photography and Interiors

Welcome to My Blog!

One thing I love most about my job (aside from the obvious - taking all the pretty pictures and videos!), is the chats I get to have with all of you. I'm really hoping that this blog is just an extension of all those lovely deep and meaningful conversations that some how seem to go hand in hand with a collaborative creative day, like a photoshoot. I hope this sparks ideas and conversation. I hope it fills you with beauty and inspiration. I hope we can talk about the latest creative business ideas and all the beautiful art and everything in between.

Western Australian Fine Art Prints

One big thing that I would really like to see happen in this space is for me to really be able to talk to you about my fine art photography practice. I want to go a little more in-depth into a behind the thinking with each piece. My love for WA and its landscapes. Additionally I'm hoping that it will give me the space to release more fine art prints on a more regular basis for you to fall in love with. More about that at the end... keep scrolling...

A beach path art work in a white mudroom with coastal styling.

Esperance Beach Path Fine Art Print by Claire McFerran Mud Room style by GreyPeg Interior

Perth Interior and Architecture Photography

I also want to share the latest Perth interior and architecture photoshoots I've been working on plus, all the fun Perth product photography I get to be a part of. You never know I might introduce you to a new interior designer you haven't met yet or your next new local product or business for you to fall in love with.

A white kitchen with a timber island and coastal rattan bar stools. A dramatic marble backsplash and three glass island pendants.

Interior Architecture Photography by Claire McFerran for Urban Interiors

Seriously Claire? A Blog? Are you crazy?

Maybe a little, but I am really searching for a more reliable way to connect with you all that doesn't rely so heavily on the whims of the zuckerverse! So, in addition to my blog I'll have monthly newsletter that comes right to your inbox reminding you that there's something new waiting for you here. So if you are here for the Western Australian love fest and fine art that comes from it. Or for all those gorgeous interior design photoshoots. Or maybe you just want to make sure you don't miss my musings? (Lets be honest that's going to be the best bit!) Then this blog and my newsletter is the place to be.

Saving the best till last - hint - its about new prints.

I really am saving my most favourite part till the end, hopefully you're still reading! The most exciting thing about the newsletter and blogging is that each month for the rest of the year I will be releasing one new fine art print. A NEW Art Print a month via the newsletter! If anything, that alone should make it worth it right? So please be amazing and sign up to my newsletter and make sure you click on it when it appears - I promise it will be short and sweet and full of beauty. Check in here on the blog from time to time too, don't leave me feeling like its just me and the crickets...

You can subscribe to the newsletter by clicking here, Subscribe.

Thank you lovely people! You are the best!

Claire smiling at the camera on a rocky beach taking photos of sunset

In my happy place! Taking Photos.

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